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Dr. Zoom Auto Repair Specialist
1304 North English Station Rd
LouisvilleKY 40223
 (502) 489-3959
Dr. Zoom Auto Repair Specialist  |  1304 North English Station Rd LouisvilleKY40223  |  (502) 489-3959

Reviews Of Dr. Zoom Auto Repair Specialist

4.90 108 Reviews
Courtney Cooper
Apr 17, 2018

John Michaels
Apr 12, 2018

I love this place. Nice guys, will shoot it to you straight with reasonable rates and can work on all of the aging cars in my family's fleet. The best part is they'll tell you what has to be done and what that'll cost, and then what should be done and what that will cost; this way I know to budget for what's coming up.

Apr 05, 2018

The people are very nice. They work with you to get the job done. I dropped my car off and told them I need it done by 2:00 as they called and told me my car was ready by 1:30.

Cory Jones
Apr 05, 2018

Small shop, but took care of me in a pinch. Has good network to get parts quick and is AAA affiliated. Staff is easy to work with. Would recommend.

Jef DeWitt
Apr 01, 2018

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